Sisters Building Sisters Creed

I am my sister's keeper

* I am a woman.

*I will uplift, encourage and motivate my sisters at all times.

*I will be loyal, trustworthy, and honest.

*I will pray, cry, laugh and rejoice with my sisters through the good and bad times.

*I will do all I can do to help my sisters stay on the right track.

*I will never judge them.

*I will always keep it real with them.

*I will never put my sisters down; I will always try to build them up.

* I will do my sister’s deed; we always will be able to talk about anything.

*I am a sister on a mission- to bring women together on one accord to motivate, educate, encourage and uplift them to a level of greatness in God.

*I am a sister building sisters.

Let's Make A Change

Real Sisterhood Is Priceless